Subdivision Review


The Board of Health, Town of Carlisle, Massachusetts, has adopted the following regulations on June 9, 1986 to govern review of subdivision plans filed in accordance with M.G.L. 41:81U:

The filing of subdivision plans with the Board of Health shall be simultaneous with the filing of the plans with the Town Clerk.

The following seven (7) requirements must be included:

1. A field survey with five (5) foot contours; a blow up of a U.S.Geological Survey map or similar survey map blow up is not acceptable.

2. Accurate locations of wetlands, brooks, streams, and surface water bodies must be shown.

3. High-water level and percolation tests an each of the proposed lots must satisfy the Board of Health that the area in general and each lot in the proposed subdivision is composed of soil, the water level and ground permeability of which are adequate for waste and sewage purposes. All such high-water level tests shall be made at spring high-water season (February, March, or April) only. No dwellings may be built on land adjacent to the Concord River which is less than 121 feet above sea level (the estimated level of the flood of 1938)

4. The sewage disposal system and reserve leach areas located with field tests accurately located

5. A footprint of the dwelling

6. The well location

7. Wood waste disposal

The location, if any, to be used for the disposal of wood wastes, tree stumps or wood debris.

Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 111, Sec. 150A any site which is to be used .,for ,-the disposal of refuse must obtain a site assignment from the local Board of Health and approval from DEP prior to operation. Wood waste is considered “refuse” under the language of 310 CMR 19.01 (2).

The Board of Health realizes that the clearing of land generates wood wastes and if disposal is within the Jurisdiction of the Board of Health we require that the specific location of such disposal must be located by survey and registered as part of the language of the deed for the lot or lots on which wood wastes are disposed.

The filing of subdivision plans with the board of health shall include a notarized statement signed by the owner/developer, as part of the application, which notifies the Board as to the manner in which the wood waste generated by the proposed subdivision will be disposed of in accordance with MGL, Sec. 150A and

and 310 CMR 19.01 (2).


Effective date as policy 6/9/86

Effective date as regulation: two weeks after publication and posting