Guidebook for Massachusetts Boards of Health

Sponsored by MAHB in partnership with the following agencies:
Massachusetts Department of Public Health;
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Public Health System: Goals, Essential Functions, Duties and Powers

Chapter 2: Legal Authority and Procedures 

Chapter 3: Organizational Options

Chapter 4: Program Planning, Budgeting, and Evaluation

Chapter 5: Record-Keeping, Reporting, and Data Management

A. Appendices

Chapter 6: Tips for Media Relations

Chapter 7: Sewage Disposal

Chapter 8: Solid Waste Disposal

Chapter 9: Hazardous Materials and Wastes

Chapter 10: Water Purity and Quality

Chapter 11: Occupational Safety and Health

Chapter 12: Air Quality and Noise Control

Chapter 13: Environmental Health

Chapter 14: Superfund Amendment and Reauthorization Act 

Chapter 15: Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention

Chapter 16: Housing/Sanitary Code

Chapter 17: Food Protection

Chapter 18: Inspection of Public Areas

Chapter 19: Animal and Insect Control

A. Rodent

B. Mosquitoes

C. Animal Bites/Rabies

D. Livestock Inspection/Keeping of Animals

Chapter 20: Nuisances and Noisome Trades

Chapter 21: Cemeteries and Burial Permits

Chapter 22: Communicable Disease, Reporting, and Control

Chapter 23: Immunizations and Vaccine Distribution 

Chapter 24: Refugee and Immigrant Health

Chapter 25: Mental Health

Chapter 26: Substance Abuse Services

Chapter 27: Health Statistics

Chapter 28: Radiation Control

Chapter 29: HIV/AIDS

Chapter 30: Emergency Preparedness 

Chapter 31: Division of Health Care Quality

Chapter 32: Fluoridation and Oral Health

Chapter 33: Unintentional Injury Prevention

Chapter 34: Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention

Chapter 35: School Health

Chapter 36: Intentional Injury and Interpersonal Violence Prevention

Chapter 37: Maternal and Child Health

Chapter 38: Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program (MTCP) 

Chapter 39: Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

Chapter 40: Clinical Activities 

Chapter 41: Bathing Beaches

Chapter 42: Beaver or Muskrat-related Threats