MAHB Membership

MAHB Accomplishments

  • Boards of health can now charge fees to cover the cost of engineering and other technical review, and fines have been raised from as low as $20 per offence to $1,000 per offense.
  • Some agent activities which were formerly funded out of your operating budget can now come from revolving accounts.
  • MAHB filed an amicus brief supporting boards of health authority to adopt regulations on behalf of the Town of Barnstable. 20001 SJC decision unanimously upheld the board of health.
  • Boards of health are no longer required to publish the entire text of new regulations, saving towns thousands of dollars.
  • The Guidebook for Massachusetts Boards of Health is being updated on an annual basis. (Before we took responsibility for this, the original Guidebook was unchanged from 1981 until 1996.)

Membership Helps Support

  • Technical support to local boards of health
  • Local public health leadership and representation at the state and national level
  • Tracking and reporting on legislation impacting local public health

Even though dues cover only a fraction of our operating costs, our effectiveness depends upon your support!

Membership Advantages

  • Discounts on training programs and publications such as the widely acclaimed Legal Handbook for Boards of Health
  • Grant opportunities;

Membership Categories

Regular Membership

For Board of Health Members and staff. One membership covers all members and staff. Dues are based on population and median income and are set at $55, $100, $150 or $300 per board. District dues cover only district staff and do not confer membership benefits to associated health boards. To check membership status or download an invoice, please log in to the BOH portal.

Individual Membership

Open to anyone who is not currently serving on, or employed by a local board of health or health department

Contact MAHB for more information.

Professional/Corporate Membership

For engineers, attorneys and other professionals who have an interest in local public health – Includes listing in public directory (Call for Rates).

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