Healthy Food Initiatives

Improving retail food environments so that healthier foods are more accessible, especially among under-served populations is an important goal of the public health community. As is often said, the healthy choice should be the easy choice – the default choice.

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Tobacco Control

Despite substantial gains made to tobacco control efforts over that past several decades, smoking remains the leading preventable cause of premature death and disease in the Nation. In Massachusetts, we have been able to change social norms surrounding tobacco, but there is much more to do to eliminate the epidemic of tobacco and nicotine use.

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Medical Marijuana

In November 2012, the voters of Massachusetts overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to allow the use of medical marijuana. The vote was 63% to 37%, with only 2 municipalities voting against it. The Department of Public Health was charged with promulgating regulations relative to medical marijuana and administering a program for the distribution of medical marijuana.

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MASS in Motion

Mass in Motion is a statewide movement that promotes opportunities for healthy eating and active living in the places people live, learn, work and play. Working with communities, schools, childcare centers, and businesses to create changes that make it easy for people to eat better and move more, MASS in Motion helps residents think differently about what they eat and how much they move so they can make better choices to feel healthy and live well.

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Massachusetts Association of Health Boards

MAHB’s mission is to assist and support boards of health in meeting their statutory and service responsibilities, through programs of education, technical assistance, representation, and resource development.

Massachusetts Boards of Health are responsible under general laws, state and local regulations, for disease prevention and control, health and environmental protection, and promoting a healthy community.

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MAHB Recognized at Toxics Action Conference

MAHB received an award at the Toxics Action Conference in appreciation for our work supporting communities across Massachusetts, protecting public health and the environment. The Local Environmental Action conference last Sunday was the largest in a decade, with more... read more

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