Building Guidelines – Mendon


Inspector of Buildings


Development/Building Checklist

Effective immediately this office will not accept a building permit application unless the following items are included along with all previous requests and conditions, All residential, commercial and public construction including new buildings, additions, alterations, reconstruction, remodeling, rehabilitation’s and demolitions are included.


1) Seven (7) copies of separate plot plan/survey record, signed and scaled by a registered surveyor or civil engineer containing the following information. Location of entire foundation indicating existing or proposed and the location of all decks, porches, or other buildings (pool sheds, garages, and other accessory buildings). For new foundations a signed and sealed plot plan/survey record will be prepared after the foundation installation but before the building permit is issued. The plot plan survey record and not the septic system plot plan will be used as the “as built’ plan. The distances from the well, septic system, sidelines, front set back, rear lot line, center of the street, driveway, the measurement of the frontage and the amount of upland (dry land) must all be clearly marked. The direction of the discharge of the perimeter drain and the spot where the discharge terminates must be indicated. A map or drawing of the locus in scale must be shown on the plot plan. All house plans and plot plans must be folded to fit into a letter size folder.


Commercial project site plans will indicate existing and proposed building and site conditions,

number of parking places, lighting, site vehicle and pedestrian circulation, trash receptacle, etc.


2)Two copies of the building plans signed and scaled by a registered architect or structural engineer with

Number of square feet of habitable space.

Number of square feet of the garage or garages

Number of square feet of the decks, porches, garages or loading docks

The actual location of all decks, porches, garages and loading docks.

If the basement, attic or any other areas that are not normally finished to livable space will be finished under this plan they must be clearly marked (examples: attic to be finished to 2 rooms or basement to be finished to 3 rooms with measurements of each room and the use). If the basement

and attic are built so that they may be finished in the future so mark the plans: ” May be finished

later on a separate permit and meets the state Building Code on ceiling heights.” As designed the height of the highest point of the roof above the foundation plus the weighted average of the finished grade to the top of the foundation will not exceed, maximum height of 35 feet.

Commercial buildings will indicate use and occupancy loads.

You are hereby notified that one copy of the approved building permit, one copy of the approved plot plan and one copy of the house plan must be available at the building site from the first day of excavation and kept there in a water proof scaled box to the final inspection. The occupancy permit will not be issued if the inspectors have not found the permit, plot plans and house plans on site. The building site must be clearly marked with lot number and street number if assigned. Any change or addition to the original approved plot plan must be approved and recorded with the Building Department before the change or addition is started. There will be a fee for the change. A separate permit will be required to add a deck, accessory building, pool, garage, or to finish the basement or attics.



File application for Building Permit at the Building Department

1) 7 copies of the certified plot plan.

2) 2 copies of the building plan showing compliance with the State Building Code.

2a) Location of fire department approved fire/smoke alarms on building plan.

3) Copy of Contractor’s license, home improvement license or signed complete home owner’s exemption form.

4) Copy of the Worker’s Compensation insurance affidavit.

If applicable:

5) 2 septic system applications and septic plans.

6) 1 water supply application, copy of water quality and quantity results as well as site plan showing building and septic location and the proposed or accurate well location.

7) Conservation Plan indicating compliance with the Wetlands Protection Act GLC 13 1, Section 40.A copy of the letter of determination and if applicable notice of intent.


Future: 8) Add driveway connection application once local by-law is approved.


B)Pay fees to the following:

1) Building Department

2) Board of Health

3) Conservation Commission

NOTE: All fees are to be made out to the Town of Tendon and deposited with the town treasurer.


C) Signed and dated approvals to be in building department’s files:

1) Building Department foundation permit, building permit

All permits have property owner’s signature as well as contractor’s and architect/engineers


2) Board of Health for septic system

3) Board of Health for well

4) Water Board for public water connections.

5) Conservation Commission’s Order of Conditions


D) On Construction Sites:

1) Issued building permit, certified plot plan, approved building plans

2) When no approved sanitary system exists on site, provide a chemical toilet.

if applicable:

3) DEP sign for Wetlands work

4) All construction waste is to be brought and disposed of at a legal trash facility

E) Notify Building Department for inspections by telephone, fax or letter

I)Excavation is completed.

2) Forms for footing are in place

3) Forms are stripped, foundation coated, and perimeter drain installed

4) Secure rough inspections and approval of

a) Plumbing/Gas b) Electric c) Smoke/fire detection d) Building

Note: All rough chimney work and firestopping must be completed.

5) Secure inspections for insulation.

6) Secure final inspection approval signatures for

a)Plumbing b) Electric c) Smoke/fire detection d)Oil burner or gas mechanical systems

d) Septic System with “as built’ in building department files

e) Conservation Commission

All code violations at time of inspection shall require a re-inspection and additional fee


7) Receive certificate of occupancy.

If a temporary certificate of occupancy is issued a final certificate of occupancy will be issuedwithin one month upon written notice by the property owner the above work is complete.

Work to be completed within 6 months of temporary certificate of occupancy.