Boat Pump Out – Fairhaven


Fairhaven Massachusetts Board of Health


1. No Vessel may discharge sanitary wastes into Town waters. Approved sanitation devices or holding tanks must be used.

2. No person may discharge oil, spirits, flamable liquids or contaminated bilge wastes into Town waters. Approved pollution control devices are required in all bilges.

3. No person may dispose of kitchen wastes, garbage, litter or other refuse into Town waters.

4. All marinas where ten (10) or more slips are available for boat dockings must have boat pumpout facilities on their property or must be contracted on an annual basis with a Town licensed portable cleaner/hauler which will service the contracted marina on a frequent and regular basis. A copy of said contract, with a route frequency statement, must be forwarded annually to the Board of Health office.

5. All marinas where ten (10) or more slips are available for boat docking must annually supply the Board of Health with a list of long term, seasonal slip renters. The information must contain renters’ name, address and boat registration number. Said list to be presented to the Board of Health prior to issuance of the annual marina license by the Board of Health.

6. It is the responsibility of the licensed marina to ensure the above regulations are effectively complied with. Failure to comply may result in marina license revocation and fines by the Board of Health.

7. Nonconforming vessels shall not be allowed to remain in Town waters and continued noncompliance while in Town waters shall be subject to fines by the Board of Health.

8. The Board of Health or its designated agent will have full power of the Board in investigation and enforcement of this By-law.


Violators of this By-law shall be subject to xxxxxx the Penalty Clauses of these Rules and Regulations.



1. All boat pump out haulers must be licensed annually by the Board of Health. The boat pump out hauler’s license shall be entitled “portable sanitation cleaner/hauler” license. This regulation is enforced to ensure the public health, safety and welfare by proper pumping and transportation of boat pumpout septage.

2. Portable sanitation cleaner/hualers shall have:

a. Watertight, leakproof tanks;

b. Suction or pressure hoses in good repair;

c. Pumps well maintained to prevent the leakage of septage;

d. Drain valves with safety locks;

e. Required tools for proper pumping which shall be kept clean and in good repair;

f. A means to collect a sample for testing;

g. Containment booms to contain spills within a confined area; and

h. Any other equipment deemed necessary by other local and state governing authorities.

3. All material shall be disposed of at approved treatment facilities. All rules and regulations of the treatment facility shall be complied with by the licensed portable sanitation cleaner/hauler.

4. A monthly written report of all boats serviced will be submitted to the Board of Health office. Data required shall be marina, date and boats pumped.

5. The licensed portable sanitation cleaner/hauler shall transport all materiall in a manner that will not create a nuisance or health hazard.

6. The Board of Health shall inspect all licensed portable sanitation cleaner/haulers annual prior to issuance of the license.

7. There shall be a fee for the issuance of a portable sanitation cleaner/hauler license which shall be set by the Board of Health.

8. Failure to comply with these reequirements will result in revocation of the license and fines by the Board of Health. Violation shall be subject to Section…. Penalty Clause

note : Fairhaven has Harbor Pollution Control By-Law which is enforced by the BOH