NOTICE: We have updated the prior 11/16/2020 Cease and Desist Order template with the new 12/14/2020 template that takes into account the most recent Massachusetts Emergency COVID Orders.  For example, COVID-19 Orders Numbered 54 and 56 have been rescinded and orders 57 and 58 added.  Please use the new updated version available here.

Background: Local Boards of Health are currently faced with enforcing emergency orders issued by the Governor.  MAHB has added a new revised template under the legal alerts frequently asked Questions — see Question 1.01x.This COVID-19 Checklist template can be used for a variety of violations including: business, organization, or other non-business enterprise openings; wearing of masks or facial coverings; isolation and quarantine; maximum premises capacity;  indoor and/or outdoor entertainment;  proper “social distancing” of  patrons or guests; food service preparation and delivery; indoor and/or outdoor recreational activities; summer day camps; day care services or  congregate living facilities? If as a Board of Health you need to enforce these orders, get a copy of our generic COVID-19 Checklist Cease and Desist LBOH Order that can be issued to cover any one of these areas.   Note  cease and desist orders for failing to following essential businesses reopenings were posted previously (on 3/27/2020, 8/5/2020, 10/10/2020,11/16/2020 ). This item is now covered by this updated version.  Link to Cease and Desist Generic “Checklist” Template –> Final Cease and Desist Order 12.14.2020

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