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Cheryl Sbarra J.D.
Program Manager


Tobacco Free School Policy Guide 2013

2013 Model Regulation

Laying a Solid Foundation: Tobacco Laws Pertaining to Massachusetts
3rd Edition November, 2011

Complaint and Information line for Smokefree Workplace Law and questions about Smokefree Housing 1-800-992-1895

Guidance for Enforcing Regulations that Restrict Flavored Tobacco Sales

MAHB has developed the guidance documents below to assist health inspectors
and agents in enforcing flavored tobacco product restrictions.  The first is a
template handout of Frequently Asked Questions that can be adopted for a specific city
or town and used to educate retailers on how to comply with the regulation.  

The second is a list of products that MAHB believes are flavored. 
This list is meant to be guidance for enforcers, but it is not exhaustive.
MAHB is issuing this list to help inform retailers and enforcement agents about the type
of products that are considered flavored and will update this list every 6 months. 
We request assistance in maintaining and improving this guidance list of flavored products. 
If you discover additional products that you believe are flavored and think should be on this list,
please fill out the third document, which is a Flavored Product Application Form
and submit it to

Please note that this list and FAQ's are not prescriptive. 
Boards of health and/or health agents can determine how best to use these documents. 
If you have any questions, or need any additional information please do not hesitate
to contact Cheryl Sbarra at

Cheryl Sbarra
Senior Staff Attorney
Director, Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program and Chronic Disease Prevention Program
Massachusetts Association of Health Boards
63 Shore Road, Suite 25
Winchester, MA 01890