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20th Annual Certificate Program
Nov 7, 2015 at the Taunton Holiday Inn and Nov. 14, 2015 at the Marlboro Holiday Inn

TRACK #1     Governance

8:45 – 10am  Orientation for New Board Members Part 1 - Marcia Benes, MAHB Executive Director; Cheryl Sbarra, MAHB Senior Staff Attorney 
15 minute Break

10:15-Noon  Orientation for New Board Members Part 2 : Cheryl Sbarra, MAHB Senior Staff Attorney
Noon – 1:00 – Networking Buffet Lunch and MAHB Business Meeting

1:00 – 2:30 –Blackstone's Tragic Hoarding Case Study - how the town responded Cheryl Sbarra, MAHB Senior Staff Attorney
15 minute Break

2:45 – 4:00  Emerging and Other Issues in Public Health Law – Cheryl Sbarra  J.D. Topics will include legislative bills filed, including preemption, civil rights as they relate to liability protection and the new Attorney General regulation on electronic cigarettes.

TRACK #2      Community & Environmental Health

8:45-10:00 Working To Clean Up Massachusetts’ Soil and Water– Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs) are the scientists, engineers, and public health specialists authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to work on behalf of property owners, operators, and other parties to oversee the assessment and cleanup of oil and hazardous materials released to the environment.   LSPs handle a wide variety of contaminated sites including multi-acre urban brownfields, roadside spills, “mom & pop” gas stations and dry cleaners, and everything in between.   
LSPs are available to municipalities as technical and regulatory resources on program and policy issues.  
In addition, LSPs are available to municipalities in the Commonwealth in other areas of expertise, including:

15 minute Break

10:15-12:00 –BOH Role in Banning Single Use of Styrofoam  and Recycling options – Suzanne Cordes  South Hadley Board of Health 
 Noon Networking LUNCH and MAHB Annual Business Meeting- 

1:00-2:30 Case Study: Turning Back a Toxic Invader, How the BOH dealt with buried coal tar, underground peat fires, smoking mulch, DEP and more – Mike Hugo Esq.  Framingham Board of Health, MAHB Executive Board

15 minute break

 2:45 – 4:00 MDPH and Local Health – Working Together for a Healthy Commonwealth; Ron O'Connor, MPH Interim Director, Office of Local and MDPH Regional Health Southeast Regional Director, Office of Local and Regional Health,  Massachusetts has a long history of collaboration between the Department of Public Health (DPH) and boards of health and local health staff serving the 351 cities and towns of the Commonwealth.  That collaboration has increased over the past couple of decades through funding that supports tobacco control, emergency preparedness, the Mass in Motion program, Prevention and Wellness Trust, and substance use. The Office of Local and Regional Health was created in October 2013 to further advance our relationships with our local public health partners and a recently formed Intra-Agency Local Public Health Working Group is exploring approaches to more effective and efficient internal collaboration and communication in support of local public health. This session will include an overview of programs and services of DPH for local public health and the emerging role of the Office of Local and Regional Health. The session will also include time for discussion and feedback.

TRACK 3    Emergency Preparedness

8:45-10:00 – Planning Closed Pod Partnerships at the Local Level  - Kitty Mahoney RN, BSN, Framingham Health Department

15 minute break

10:15-12:00-   Ready for the Next Snow Emergency? Learning from the Experience of Local Health Departments during the 2015 Severe Weather Emergency in Massachusetts and Planning Ahead  Elena Savoia MD MPH, Dorothy Bernard MPH and Marcia Testa PhD MPH
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Preparedness & Emergency Response Learning Center  REQUIRED FOR PHEP FUNDING
Noon Networking LUNCH and MAHB Annual Business Meeting- 

1:00-2:30  Climate change generating severe weather events is REAL. What should the BOH be doing about it?  Frank Singleton, MAHB Region 5 HMCC Coordinator, former Lowell Health Director

Learning Objective One: Participants will review the current changes in climate conditions and land use changes in population patterns and forestation that increase the likelihood for more frequent severe weather impacts. In particular, the history in Southern New England of hurricanes strikes as well as tropical storm related flooding and wind impacts will be discussed. The last significant hurricane to hit the Massachusetts coast was Bob in 1991. Massachusetts dodged a bullet with superstorm Sandy recently. We are overdue for a major storm. Are we prepared?

Learning Objective Two: Available information on storm surge maps and flooding zones as well as stream and river monitoring tools will be depicted.  Rising sea level projections and possible slowing of the Gulf Stream due to fresh water melting off Artic ice due to global warming blocking the Gulf Stream circulation will be  discussed. The likelihood of more frequent severe winter storm patterns will be presented as a result of changes now starting to occur in atmospheric circulation patterns impacting New England and the Gulf of Maine.

Learning Objective Three: Preparing for the risks from severe weather events will be discussed. Available tools and information now available for planning and responding to a severe weather event  will be presented. This will include using evacuation maps in emergency planning, discussing how floods can disrupt routes, shelters and distribution.

MAHB will also be offering Registered Sanitaria and Certified Health Officer CEUS.
Cost per person is $115 for MAHB members, $220 for non-members. Scholarships are available upon request